I'll give Daryl as much time as he wants.

The Prime Minister tried to convince his coalition partners to overhaul pensions.


Everything at that store is 10 percent off the regular price.


Are you sure Kimmo didn't do it?

I would've come even if you hadn't invited me.

Jelske biked 30 km to the store to buy strawberries for his pregnant wife.

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I'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

It's a shadow.

It was unpredictable.

It is windy today, isn't it?

I wish Alain had done it.

Simon is absolutely wrong.

Everything is tough.


The baby often annoys the mother.

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All this is, of course, highly suspicious.

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How often do I have to tell you?

I'll give Ellen as much time as he wants.

Doesn't that sound serious?

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She is my teacher.

He can't hold a conversation.

I told her what to do.

I had a feeling Irwin was going to say that.

Competition is neither good nor evil in itself.

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This is just my opinion.

She nodded encouragingly.

Can you page someone for me?

A lot of car accidents occurred last year.

Michiel left right before Teruyuki did.

Joe lived in Boston for several years.

That church stands on a hill.

You have to go home.

Ralf helped Kenton move the sofa.

I love her eyes.

I'm meeting them in ten minutes.

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That's all I care about.


Tell the teacher your name.

Vance makes three hundred dollars an hour.

She came running to him.

The office is full of competent people.

Do they all enjoy such high speed development?


They have the rota.

He made it clear who had said such a thing.

Where did you catch all those fish?

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Mike hasn't told us his opinion yet.


Terrence can't keep his mouth shut.

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His patience was worn out by all these troubles and anxieties.

I've decided I don't want to be famous.

I love egg yolks.

Matti will never understand why we want him to do this.

Don't conceal what you feel about it.

Johnny has a serious problem.

Which side of the bed do you sleep?


I don't trust politicians.

You said you'd be here by 2:30.

My son always interrupts me when I'm talking.

I could be persuaded to help.

Gum got stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

I know what you thought.

I visited my father's grave.


I might not have told her that.


We are delighted with her presence.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

It was just a simple greeting, but somehow I got strangely tense.

Luke told Takao that he wanted to break off the engagement.

Morgan said you were his friend.

Could you give me a leg up here?

What shall I do with his luggage?

Kimmo is being punished.

If you had come today, I would have given you a thousand francs.

By this time, the whole house was in flames.

She was ready to jump ship.

Ramneek went out for a walk as he always does in the afternoon.

He's a real character.

I want time.

Let's begin with Lesson 3.

Mr So-and-so called today.

He lost his umbrella again.

Most important of all a clock has to be accurate.

Sport means health.

This is true.

I didn't think Clyde knew any French.

You cannot scale creativity.

I'm all for that.

The Supreme Court overturned a previous decision.

Dan is a brave man. He's not afraid of neighborhood bullies like you.

I don't mind if it's a little cold.

The first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult.

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Trevor can't get his car started.


Ramanan is much older than me.


The main character is a man whose name we do not know.

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The nightlife is better in New York.

Kenneth climbed into his car.

This was pretty expensive.

He entered the room, to be confronted by a policeman.

Jason could've been badly hurt.

I wish I knew what happened to Ross.

I'm waiting for her to climb into her car.


I don't agree with this.

Victoria is having trouble remembering things.

I know you're busy, but can I talk to you for a minute?

Norbert is still just a baby.

The dress I like more is black.

I only wish I'd been able to do more for Shaw.

I never said I was an artist.

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The condom broke.

Please pick me up at the hotel at six o'clock.

What are you going to be doing with that?

Kiribati is threatened by climate change.

Leslie has a blog.

Which one is real?

It was nice meeting you here.


I want some milk.

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You have to answer the question.

My mother bought me a nice dress last Sunday.

If it were possible, someone would've done it by now.

Franklin's mother was a wise woman.

I want you to wear your new dress.


Let me help you to do the work.

That was what Claire told Granville.

Shari paid Shaw back.


You are extremely unpleasant.

Do you have pictures with your wife?

Just imitate what he does.

So far as I know, she is still unmarried.

I have hardly had a minute lately to think about personal e-mails.


Delbert never went to school.

Maureen is schizophrenic.

That's one of my New Year's resolutions.

Do you have the rota for last week?

Did you happen to bring a blanket?

How many characters are there in this play?

Jakob has a cow.

This book is within the capacity of young readers.

Roderick asked Kimberly for John's telephone number.


I drink at least two liters of water a day.

She sounded disappointed.

I can keep a secret.

I'll never kiss Van again.

You should've turned right.


I just wanted to see if Glynn was OK.

Kitty can be very vindictive.

This is a very difficult test.


There's no good reason not to go.

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I changed clothes.

I'm coming home.

Dory has a lot of guts asking Jock for a loan.

Sean will hate that.

Lou is still unsure.


I'm sorry to say, but the service is not very good.


Sir needs to loosen up a little.


Work hard so that you may earn your living.

He doesn't care if his car is dirty.

Hamilton tiptoed through the house when he came home at 4:00 a.m. so as not to wake Coleen.


Why are people scared of me?

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Has anybody here ever been to Boston?

It shouldn't be a problem.

You gave me one of these before.


Lee has a small dog named Truman. I once thought it was because the dog was straightforward, like the former U.S. president. In fact, the dog's gold-and-black hair called to mind the colours of the Missouri football team, whose mascot is also named Truman.

Could you talk to her for me?

Did you find the things you were looking for?

I didn't show them anything.

Who will go there is not yet decided.